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The home page contains the most recent news announcements for the site. I archive older news items to this page.

December 23, 2005:
  • Media Attention: The TCP/IP Guide is getting noticed more by the mainstream media and the "alternative" press as well. The book was recently mentioned in several networking publications, and also got a headline review on As a result I received a surge of book orders and ran out of stock on supplies; I should be able to catch up on any recent orders by early next week. Thanks for your patience!
December 8, 2005:
  • Rave Reviews Are Pouring In! More and more folks are discovering The TCP/IP Guide book, both individual readers eager to learn about TCP/IP, and reviewers as well. I have updated the Testimonials page with excerpts from, and links to, the latest rave reviews. Check them out!
  • Errata Pages Updated: As more people read through The TCP/IP Guide, more little "gotchas" are being identified in all editions of the Guide. I have listed important errata on the electronic version errata page and the book errata page.

October 19, 2005:

  • Book Sale! For a limited time, I have dropped the price of The TCP/IP Guide book by $5. So the cost is now just $59.99 including economy shipping in the US. By buying from me you also get the full electronic PDF version on a professionally-produced CD, included in a sleeve in the book. I will also autograph or personalize the book for you upon request. All this for less than $5 over the cost of buying from Amazon!
  • Two More Great Reviews of The TCP/IP Guide on Word is getting around...and people really seem to like the book! Check out the latest reviews.

October 15, 2005:

  • First Review of The TCP/IP Guide on Here's what the first reviewer of the book had to say: "I'm blown away by this book. The coverage of the topics is outstanding in both it's breadth and depth. The tone is very readable. And the use of graphics, wow. This book is tremendous. It's going to instantly be "the TCP/IP reference". It blows the old classic, TCP/IP Illustrated, straight out of the water. This book is worth every single penny. No doubt. It's going to set a new bar for technical books. Wow." Not bad eh?

October 8, 2005:

  • Book and Pressed CDs Now In Stock! The TCP/IP Guide book is now in stock, and I have also received the snazzy new professionally produced CDs of version 3.0. Click here to order your copy! All preorders will be mailed out on Monday. Thanks for your patience!

September 27, 2005:

  • TCP/IP Version 3.0 Released: To coincide with the release of The TCP/IP Guide in book form, I have released version 3.0 of the electronic edition of The TCP/IP Guide. This is not a major upgrade (despite the 3.0 version number) but does contain numerous small updates, fixes and corrections. It is available as a free download upgrade to those who ordered versions 1.0 or 2.0; please contact me for a password.
  • Now Taking Orders for The TCP/IP Guide Book! The hardcover print version of The TCP/IP Guide is now in transit from the printer, and should be in my hands this week. I am now taking orders for the book (which includes the electronic version) and plan to ship by the end of the week of October 3, 2005; click here to order and be among the first to get your copy!
  • Pressed TCP/IP Guide CDs: For the first time, CD versions of The TCP/IP Guide will now be available as professional-looking pressed CDs, unlike the hand-made CD-Rs I used for versions 1.0 and 2.0. These should be available the first week of October.
  • Electronic Version Prices Reduced! I made the CDs better, so that means I am raising prices for CD copies, right? Nope, I'm going to reduce the prices on all electronic versions! Download copies of The TCP/IP Guide are now $34.99 (reduced from $39.99), and CDs are $44.99 or $49.99 (instead of $49.99 and $54.99). See the electronic version pricing page for details.
September 9, 2005:
  • The TCP/IP Guide Book is Done! The print TCP/IP Guide is done and now being printed. I anticipate that it will be available both here and at major retailers by the end of the month. I will be updating the site to accept orders for the book within the next couple of weeks.
July 7, 2005:
  • The TCP/IP Guide Book is Almost Here: The process involved in converting the electronic version of The TCP/IP Guide into a textbook turned out to be much more involved than anyone involved in the project expected. The good news is that it is almost done. My publisher has informed me that the book is nearly ready to go to the printers, and should be available by late August or early September. I will post more information here when we get closer to that timeframe. Thanks for your patience!
  • Testimonials Needed: Many people have said that they like The TCP/IP Guide online and PDF versions. I would like to collect some of these testimonials to use in the upcoming book. What I really need are short positive statements about the material, especially from those who are in prominent positions in the industry -- networking company executives, professors from prestigious schools, well-known consultants, and so on. If you think you can help me with this, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!
June 17, 2004:
  • Search Box Added to Free Site: I have added a Google search box to each page of the free version of The TCP/IP Guide. You can use this box to search the site or the entire Web. Hope you find it useful!
June 7, 2004:
  • The TCP/IP Guide Now Available for Free Online! I have decided to publish the complete contents of The TCP/IP Guide on the Web for everyone to read. My hope is that this will be a valuable resource for the Internet community, and that by seeing the quality of the material, readers will be interested in purchasing the full Guide for download (for the convenience of a single document with no ads). You can access the free version of the Guide here. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it.
  • Version 2.0 of The TCP/IP Guide: As I promised in my March update, I have made extensive updates to version 1.0 The TCP/IP Guide. The material was thoroughly reviewed by two TCP/IP experts and numerous technical errors and clarity problems addressed. I have also broken up most of the larger topics with subheaders to make the material easier to digest. Hundreds of other minor glitches, typos and problems have also been corrected.
  • Free Download Upgrade For Version 1.0 Purchasers: As promised, despite version 2.0 being a major upgrade, it is available to download for free (or on CD for a nominal charge) to anyone who licensed version 1.0. Please contact me for a password.
  • Update on The TCP/IP Guide Book Publication: In addition to the technical and formatting changes mentioned above, my publisher and I have been working hard for the last three months on revising and editing the material of The TCP/IP Guide for its publication. Due to the sheer size of the Guide and the complexity of the material, this is taking longer than anticipated. We now expect it will be available near the end of the calender year 2004.
  • Web Site Updates: I have changed/added several pages on the site to reflect the current version of the Guide and to integrate the existing pages with the new free section of The TCP/IP Guide.
March 31, 2004:
  • Print Publication of The TCP/IP Guide! I am pleased to announce that I have reached agreement with No Starch Press to have The TCP/IP Guide published in print form. No Starch Press is a widely-respected publisher of computing books; it is best known for its titles' accessibility and ease of use, making The TCP/IP Guide a natural fit into the No Starch catalog. The hard-cover book will be distributed by O'Reilly & Associates, and available in all major bookstores. I will also be selling it online on this site. It should be available in late summer or early fall; stay tuned for more information in the coming months!
  • Special Combined Book/PDF Deal: I will offer on this site a special package combining the book form of The TCP/IP Guide with the electronic (PDF) version. This deal will allow you to get the best of both worlds -- the many benefits (such as searching and hyperlinking) of the electronic version, and a print book for offline reading. Best of all, the package will cost only a small amount over the cost of the book alone, and will be available only on this Web site. More details will be forthcoming.
  • Special Deal For Previous TCP/IP Guide Licensees: The combined deal above will also apply retroactively to those who have already licensed the electronic version before the book becomes available! You will be able to apply the full license cost (currently $39.99, or whatever license price paid if purchased in volume) to the combined book/electronic price. This means you can get the book in PDF form now, and get the book later for near the wholesale cost! (Additional shipping charges may apply.)
  • Major Update Underway: As part of the process of converting The TCP/IP Guide to print form, it will be professionally reviewed by TCP/IP experts, proofread and copy-edited. All of this will result in hundreds of enhancements, corrections and improvements to the text. When the updated version is available, despite being a major upgrade, it will be available to download at no cost to those who have already purchased The TCP/IP Guide PDF. This update will likely be in June and will be announced when available.
  • Web Site Updates: I have changed/added a few entries on the FAQ page related to the print version of The TCP/IP Guide. I have also made a few minor changes to other pages on the site.
February 4, 2004:
  • The TCP/IP Guide in the Classroom: The TCP/IP Guide's extensive coverage and highly understandable content makes it an ideal resource for students learning about TCP/IP. Since the product is new, I am interested in increasing its exposure amongst educators. For a limited time, I will be offering The TCP/IP Guide at a substantial discount for those who want to use it in a classroom setting.  If you are a professor, teacher or instructor of a high-school, college or university course on networking and think you might be interested in The TCP/IP Guide for your students, please contact me for a free trial examination of the Guide, and special pricing.
January 30, 2004:
  • Thanks: Thanks to all of you who have purchased The TCP/IP Guide so far. I am grateful for your early support of this new product, and encouraged that interest will continue to grow in the work as we go into February and beyond.
  • More Testimonials: I have added a few more very nice comments from TCP/IP Guide readers to the Testimonials page.
January 15, 2004:
  • First Testimonials: I have started receiving some nice comments about the Guide from those who are reviewing and using it. I have added the first of these comments to the Testimonials page.
January 7, 2004:
  • Another New Sample: Many people are very interested in the new IP version 6 (IPv6), and The TCP/IP Guide provides 60 pages of text and diagrams that explain it in detail. I have added the overview of the Guide's IPv6 coverage as a new sample topic on the Samples page. I hope you enjoy reading it.
January 4, 2004:
  • New Samples: A few people provided feedback to me that the individual topics on the Samples page were not sufficient to get a good feel for the Guide, and might be confusing because each is on a different subject. Therefore, I have added to that page two complete sample sections, each of which covers an entire topic area; one on networking characteristics and another on detailed subnetting. I also replaced one of the topic samples with a new one that shows how an overview topic looks; in this case, it provided a high-level look at Mobile IP. I hope you find these useful.
  • Errata: I have added the first entries to the Errata page, to reflect identified issues in the Guide. I will be continuing to update this page but will not continually announce such updates here.

January 1, 2004:

  • It's Here! Today marks the initial release of The TCP/IP Guide, version 1.0. Please use the navigation links on the left side of the screen to learn more about the Guide, or to place your download or CD order.

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